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A Silly Poem For Woolworths SA

And so it’s come to this? stealing?

Reallly, it’s quite left me reeling

After all the pretty lights and posts

A Woolworths gift is a great way to impress the Host

of a Christmas do

but just between me and you

I’ve always found them a little beige

kind of bland, they lack the Rage

Not to mention how their stuff always stays fresh

genetically modified, I believe, it’s not good if you’re a member of La Leche

and expensive! Don’t get me started!

It’s been about 3 years now since our ways have parted

I tried to close my account, but it’s a bit like a contract with the devil

once you’re in you can’t get out, even if you use a bevel

So Woolworths, the wheel turns slowly it seems

and it’s not just the customer that’s felt your reams

Poor Frankie, the little guy of the Soda Pop

(awesome gifts – also bringing you out on top)

I hope that there’s some justice for the Underdog

it would be a fitting story to chalk up on the log

But the facts remain that they’ve got everyone talking

and it doesn’t mean anything unless you’re doing the walking

So, let’s all stand and sign a petition

Make our voices heard, make it a mission,

To stick it to the Man!

Up Yours Woolworths – now that’s a Good plan!



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