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A Silly Poem For The Eternal Protesters

for the folk who have been a part of the Occupy

for the folk who had the guts to ask Why?

I didn’t do it, I was too comfy and cosy

I don’t want to come across as too nosy

But that’s just what it is a kind of cowardice

to stick out your neck is too high a price

So what if the horse has bolted and the cart has crashed

the people get out there and establishments are trashed

The Big Man has to put it all back together again

It makes him think – makes him loosen the chain

Next time I always think –

next time.

Then I pour myself another drink

Don’t judge my ‘devil may care’ attitude

There are things that I stand for, about which I can be quite rude

They’re not the same things as they are for you

It’s an area of concern – to my own I can stay true

It’s when it gets Global and Big and Scary

I’ll put my head in the sand and change my name to Mary

As long as it’s all nice here at my house

And I have a good supply of Famous Grouse

But I salute you Eternal Protesters of which there are always some

Because very kindly and quietly I’m thankful that you’re covering my liberal bum.


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