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A Silly Poem for Christmas Fallout

All the expectancy that comes with this Season

don’t get me wrong, it couldn’t be for a better Reason

but my kids are now officially ‘spoilt rotten’

if the request was in, it was fulfilled and begotten

no desire left wanting, ‘Chocolate for Breakfast?”

sure thing, who cares if that nap will be missed

just carry on and don’t interrupt

what can you do? The system is corrupt;

surrounded by so many people that love them

ours are cherished like a rare gem

there are not enough grandkids yet,

and so they get treated like the royal pet

with titbits from the table

I’m not laying any blame, I too helped enable

Selfish me wanted a little Christmas

a time to relax and not think of this

commitment to consistency

the constant humdrum of the familial existancy

And now we sit with a Lady and a Lord

showered with gifts, now lying around Bored

Another 364 days to hold the ‘old Santa is watching you’ over their heads

no presents next year if you don’t behave yourselves, no ‘ifs’, ‘buts’ or ‘insteads’

Not to worry, I know what to do

just like the Lady in The Shoe

I’ll whip them both soundly and send them to bed

after some warm broth, without any bread.

Well, at least until Easter Holidays

until then we’ll just sigh and try different ways

to get the manners back in place

Restore some good values into the future of the Human Race.


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