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Tomorrow *spoiler alert*

You do all know that we’re going to wake up tomorrow and have to do it all again, right?

Wake up – blinking, wondering what it was that roused you from your slumber.

Realize – it’ s the little voices chanting “Mommy, Mommy, Tea, Tea, Toast, Toast, TV, TV”

Self Pity – maybe that last glass of bubbles wasn’t such a good idea.

Gratitude – that through years of sleep deprivation one has learnt to go to bed by 23h30

A Pat On The Back  – for knowing that this New Day is like any other New Day, regardless of the date.

And so, I’ll contemplate a couple of New Years Resolutions; quitting eating, quitting drinking, quitting drugs, quitting smoking, quitting lying around eating bonbons and watching soap operas.

Or some Affirmations; to use less sarcasm, to be more considerate towards fellow planet sharers, to breathe more deeply before losing ones temper, to practice a higher level of understanding how other people process things, to exercise more and listen to Dr Oz.

A New Years Day for me means tidying up all the fallout from whatever happened last week yesterday, we swim in the river every day,  so I’ll have to source dry towels, since I’ve been on a housework strike between Christmas and New Year that will be no mean feat. Laundry then, first on the list. Loading and unloading the dishwasher – not necessarily in that order and of course nobody obeys my Rule of No Food anywhere else in the House, so I have to trace and traipse after, bowls, mugs and cups that have perhaps not only been used as food receptacles, send up a little prayer for me please – it’s been a week. Making beds – thanking my lucky stars that I don’t live in a time of, sheets and blankets and eiderdowns with bedspreads (no wonder people didn’t  live that long in the old days). I suppose I’ll have to scrounge some kind of food to prepare and serve from the ice cupboard to keep my fellow family members alive  – eggs on toast it is. Will I pick up the toys that weren’t ‘tidied’ by my disgruntled slaves that trashed the place first? I don’t know, probably – my sense of order would want that as a “Fresh Start” for the New Year – maybe I’ll make a go at resuming  The Hospice Diet.

Things that I would really like to do Tomorrow – sleep until I wake up. Make an awesome breakfast with all the trimmings and have my fussy family eat it all with relish. Have the dishes disappear and reappear packed in their places. Go to Church – it’s a Sunday, why not? I’d like the Minister to be my Dad and the proceeding should commence around 11 am – to accommodate my leisurely smiling faces breakfast, of course.  Then a little nap – for ALL of us that live in this house. Wake up to a light meal of cheese and preserves and then a dip in the river. Some coffee and the last of the Christmas Cake and then a rapid succession of fed, bathed and sleeping offspring. And then to snuggle into the arms of my Other Half to watch some ludicrous Science Fiction that of course is on the local channels because we’re not in that income group of satellite TV watchers. Ah yes, it’s lovely to dream. Maybe one day.

In the mean time I will be appreciating that we get to have another day. If one does subscribe to the Date Change Joy then that sense of renewal is unbeatable, but I’m going to try and not  let it build up all the expectations that are sure to come crashing down by Valentines Day, if not before. Instead I’ll be trying to cultivate the steady Joy of Seizing Each Day as if it was one’s Last Day. Embracing the Humdrum – Now that’s a good Affirmation.

Happy New Day, Week, Month, Year Everybody!


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