A View From My Point

I’m abrasive and rude. I say things I don’t necessarily mean because I like  to get a reaction – I’m still an immature attention whore that way. I’m working on it, sort of – because life is short and one should try all aspects of it while one has the chance.  For a while and certainly as a first impression people find this intriguing because it looks like honesty and people do admire honesty in friendships don’t they? So they think that this would make for good friendship material. Unfortunately this wears off after about 2 years. It’s gotten so bad that I’ve actually just come out and told people that this is the case. They laugh. They think it’s not true. But I know – I’ve lived in this personality for 37 years and that’s just the pattern of things.

That’s not to say that there are no ‘pots’ that suit my ‘lid’ – I have long standing friendships well only two that have stretched over 2 decades and they still do but I suspect it’s because we don’t see each other too often. Oh and I’ve been married for 10 years and I’ve made him be my Best Friend for 18 years – that’s longer than I lived with my parents!

And so here’s my point, there is a person who lives around the corner that I’d really like to befriend – not because of anything that I’ve heard about her or that I need anymore friends. But there is one type of friend I’ve never had and it’s my own fault, it’s because I am in absolute awe and wonder at the very idea of a Dwarf! A little person – or whatever they want their demographic to be called these days. Just think about it – all the magical and mystical creatures from Fantasy Tales, Giants, Pixies, Fairies, Gnomes, Goblins, Mermaids – they all no longer exist or never did (let’s not get into Mythology here) but Dwarves DO and they are REAL and they feed my imagination like fire! There is just something magical about these people – for me. And so as the people who know me really well will testify – I go like a teenager around celebrity when I encounter short people.

I must admit there is more to it than that, it has to do with my ‘job’ – dealing with the physical postural challenges of being short also fascinates me – I’d want to see and x-ray and see if I could help with managing any pain or discomfort – that’s kind of nice of me – I think.  And now I’m thinking I think too much and I should DO more. From waving and giving her a big smile and a thumbs up in the mornings on the way to school I will now stop the car and get out and go and shake her hand and be straight up honest with her and say that I’d really like to get to know her, just because of the way that she looks. If that makes her cry herself to sleep that night then I’ll be sad but at least I would have spoken to and touched A DWARF -eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!


Comments on: "Dwarfism Intrigues Me" (4)

  1. Very astute – I’d never thought about little people as real mythical creatures. Cool! Go make friends! You could always pretend to be a white witch! x

    • Pretend? Wat wou! I’m a card carrying member of the Granny Weatherwax Affiliation!

      It’s such a conundrum – I’ve met a couple of giants and they didn’t take kindly to me calling them that either!

      In fact there are some bona fide Albino budgies at our local Video Shop and I’m not sure if I can tell the kids that they’re “Albino” out loud – aaaaaargh these politically correct land mines are going to be the end of Imagination!

  2. NO! My god. don’t do it. You’ll offend her terribly. Especially if you use the word dwarf and mention anything about fairy tales. I sympathise deeply with the speak your mind thing. I have the same problem. But no! Do not do it!

    • Well, when you put it like that……

      I’m going to come up with another angle but then I fear our relationship might be based on a lie. And oh my hat what if we do become friends and she’s on the internets and reads this post – oh NO!!!! What have I done?

      Thanks for weighing in, I really appreciate it – it’s after all what blogs are for eh? Other peoples opinions on the cerebral garbage we spew.


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