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I love this question in an interview and as I’ve not been interviewed in this way yet (and surely I will be someday) I thought it would be interesting to get it down now so that I’m not at a loss. Well I won’t be if they interview me in the next couple of weeks.

so apart form the usual, bed lamp, mobile phone and tissues (I’m a sinus sufferer) there are books – after all what else would this question be about? You wouldn’t want to know that I have kiddie paracetamol or an ashtray, perhaps a half eaten chocolate bar or a 2 litre bottle of spring water. No my bed side table is for Books – the books that I’m reading at the moment/that I would like to read/that I’ve started reading/that I’m going to read again etc.

Here’s the list and and their ‘in progress status.

From the top of the pile down’:

Matilda – Roald Dahl – a gift from The Eldest’s Godparents and currently at the point where she goes to Miss Honey’s cottage. We read about 6 pages every night (because she’s 6 years old – by the time she’s 10 I hope she’ll be able to read all by herself, with a torch under the covers.)

A book of Girl To Go 700 Stickers (Various Size Included) – because that’s where it ended up, it should obviously be in the ‘crafting cupboard’ that I dream of owning one day.

11.22.63 – Stephen King – read it. Loved it. Mr King and I have been in an off and on again relationship since I was 10 years old.

Surface Detail – Iain M. Banks – patiently waiting to read it, Mr Banks requires dedicated reading time so maybe once the kids are in Boarding School.

When God Was A Rabbit – Sarah Winman – have started reading it tonight, am on page 10, I’ll keep reading.

Green Eggs and Ham – Dr Seuss – read to The Youngest, every night for the last 5 nights. He’s showing no interest in any other book at the moment unless it has a picture of something with wheels on it.

Apart from that it’s just my tiny little diary and a pen – it’s not a very big bed side table. I’m sure if it was expansive there would be more room for clutter which I’m sure would aggravate my sinus issues.

So What’s On Your Bedside Table? Books only please and if you don’t read anything except my blog then don’t be ashamed to admit it…..


Comments on: "What’s on My Bedside Table?" (6)

  1. Rinette Baumeister said:

    Can’t remember what is on my bedside table. Mostly PILLS I think! and books to read and want reads and half reads. Waiting patiently for a quiet holiday to read and read and read, day and night. Bedside lamp and tissues, phone and a bottle of water. I need a bookshelf and medicine chest as it will be more practical and nothing will fall off to wake me up! Thanks Mel. Interesting subject.

    • The bigger the bedside table the more space to keep things that shouldn’t be there, they’re like stationary handbags – don’t do it to yourself 😉

  2. The Made-Up Self by Carl Klaus (top of the stack with rings on the cover from drinks of water I perch there)
    A copy of Tin House given by a friend (have never read one, really ought to)
    Undertow by Ellen Lindner (fav graphic novelist, I really must read this one soon)
    2 copies of the New Yorker (I have a vast collection. Someday…)
    two graphic novels by Julie Doucet (can’t wait to read…)
    1602 by Gaiman (I’ve had it almost that long)
    And at the bottom of this dusty stack, Make Me a Woman by Vanessa Davis.

    Who has time to read books for one’s own pleasure? Like you, I”m busy reading to my kids.

    • Hahahahahaha – my top book also has water rings on it *sigh* – yes, I don’t want to wish their lives away but I don’t believe that readers are ‘born’ they’re definitely ‘made’ and I would hate to be responsible for bringing a Non Reader into this world….

  3. I used to have a lot of books on the bedside table. Now I don’t keep any there. I have them all over the house though. I have a couple of books on writing, books on art, a book written by a friend on surfing, and some nonfiction. I’m so ADD when it comes to reading. I hate to admit that I rarely finish a book. Pretty bad, eh?

    Really enjoyed this post.

    • Hi mj – I’ve just been over at your post on odd kids names and some one there said that you are a Real Person in this cyber space (well something like that anyway) and it’s very true.

      It’s very validating to have you on the other side of the keyboard/screen. Perhaps this medium suits you so well with your ADD that you get to flit like a digital dragonfly – finishing reading blog posts and finishing writing blog posts is something I aspire to – it’s tres cool – thanks for stopping by.

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