A View From My Point


stifled under a blanket

of wet woolen heat

summer is not always fun


Comments on: "x" (8)

  1. whatcha doing under a wet woollen blanket, man? pfff, fame has obviously made you go soft in the head :-))

  2. I love the title being called “X”.

    “wet woolen heat” – that line is awesome!

    • thank you mj – you have some winter in your part of the world now eh? Could you write down the temperature outside at your house over here in the comments section please? For my sake in Centigrade? At your leisure of course – but right now it would be like Climate porn to know that other people are wearing ear muffs and gloves because they HAVE to! Jokes on me of course if you live in that part of America that is always mild and balmy – I’m not having the smarts on your vast country but I naively imagine that since you’re in the Northern Hemisphere it’s like 3 months of Christmas Card living – humour me!

      ‘x’ – simply means that it’s haiku number 10 – I’m glad you liked it.

      • The high today will be 16 deg. Centigrade. We get down to 0 deg. C, but not much lower for the lows here in northern California.

        I like your use of the roman numerals for your poems! Makes perfect sense.

      • Thanks MJ – that’s rather mild for my imaginings but 25 degrees less than it was here today and if I can spend all my time in my mind then it’s bearable 🙂 Obviously because I’m so cool here!

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