A View From My Point

To Whom It May Concern,

Yesterday, after going to the extremely vibrant performance by the Lollos Team my husband and I and our daughter were trawling the Garden Route Mall. As is sometimes necessity us ladies had to make use of the first rate facilities at the Woolworths entrance. This is where I placed my wallet (with a sizeable amount of cash in it) and left it there to go and do the chore, which is not a chore at this Mall, of grocery shopping.

After bumping into some friends and having a good natter and heading off to Fruit and Veg I notice that the wallet is no longer attached to me and realize my very costly mistake. Running back to the scene, I know that it’s been 20 minutes and it’s not likely that it’ll still be there but there’s always a chance. Slightly out of breath I get to the queue and slip past all the ladies and tell them of my dilemma and they kindly let me cut the line to see if there is any chance that my money might still be there – my heart falls when I find the stall empty.

Turning around, a woman is standing and she asks me if I am the one who lost my wallet,

‘Yes!’ I state, my eyes wild.

‘They took it,’ she says

‘Where!?’ I interrupt her and want to start shaking her. Obviously I’ve traumatised her with the interruption and the look in my eyes is clearly giving away my thoughts to shake her and she starts to say,

‘To the, to the…. to the…… ‘dingus” –

‘WHAT? The ‘dingus’?!’ I exclaim ‘Well, that’s fantastic – I’ll just go and fetch it there!’ My sarcasm kicks in as a defence mechanism – I start to apologise and the poor woman can’t come to the name of the ‘dingus’ that my wallet has been taken to. Finally it comes forth that it’s at Centre Management – where the Lollos performance just happened. So off we trot again to the desk that my daughter was just prancing on for the show – looking now as if nothing spectacular just happened (these people are amazingly organised) and the lady behind the counter knows nothing of my wallet. Oh well, I think to myself – that’s it then. But she phones – Centre Management – she is “Information”, I discover.

They have my wallet – she directs us to the secret head office – I ring the bell, the lady at Centre Management points us in the direction of “Security” all neatly tucked away within the inner workings of The Garden Route Mall. We are buzzed in to a little reception area and a man comes out of his office with my wallet in his hand – well that’s a luck – I think to myself. He holds it open to us and there – you’re not going to believe this – isALL, yesALLthe money that I lost in it. A cleaning lady found it and turned it right in! WOW WOW WOW! Rewarding the people with some of the cash was the smallest thing that we could do – so now I just want to say Thank You! Thank You for being so honest and honourable. Thank You for doing the right thing. Thank You for setting the example for all of us to be the human beings that we need to be to make this Earth a better place.

Thank You most of all for restoring the little bits of faith that we lose in humanity as we become older. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.

*dingus – thingie

I regret not getting all the players in this story’s names. I hope they get a chance to read this and recognise themselves.


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