A View From My Point

Dear Ed (one)

Dear Ed,

It’s been a month since our little family moved to this Only Slow Town in The New South Africa and my impressions are not much altered since we’ve been coming here for our precious holidays for the last 16 years or so. (Well, not the whole family since some of them are still quite short and have not been on the planet for that long – but nonetheless, we’ve been in and out of ‘town’ unofficially for that long). Since you website insists that you’d be interested in my written views; here’s a fresh take:

We landed the week just before the Slow Festival kicked off and although it was ‘Slow Moving’ it certainly did the towns image as being laid back no good – I mean what sleepy hollow has a Festival just as you move in with your Pentachnicon? Our daughter loved it and so did we – along with cousins from Knysna and an imported Aunt from the Cape we had a ball following the Roger Titley puppets and being from a little faster paced burb, we constantly found ourselves in front,  being breathed upon and snapped at by the ‘not so scary’ dragon. Our little mites were underfoot and yet the Band didn’t seem to miss a beat – they must have practised over an obstacle course, quite possible made up of all the pets and wildlife of Sedgefield!

Since then we’ve seen a Fish Eagle take a silver finned beauty almost twice its size out of the Swartvlei and survived a minor ‘earthquake’. How this National Geographic lifestyle can be classed as slow, I’m still trying to fathom.

I’m loving the local rag too – every second Thursday (once even on a Wednesday evening!) is a highlight between the day to day adventures. So constant and consistently uplifting it’s great to peruse for the few days it takes to absorb each morsel that’s upon its pages.(You must have a champion proof reader since I’ve only spotted a couple of typos – nobody is perfect). Our 6 year old daughter loves the entertainment for the children, since she taught herself to read (I told her not to, since it only makes her ask more questions) and has seen all the DVD’s that the local video shops have on offer. Our 18 month old has found himself a Toddler Group that gets him out of the house for more than just the usual Game Drive on The Island, since he’s already au fait with the local Big 5 (1.Grandmas and Granddads; 2. Tarentale; 3. Good Dogs; 4. Cats and 5. Birdies) – I think it’ll do him good.

One of many bug bears (I look forward to finding solutions to most of the others) that I don’t think anyone can do anything about is the fact that I can’t get my laundry dry – for a drought stricken area I find this a little odd – never the less we save our aqua and spend our electricity for dry socks and undies even though it doesn’t really seem to rain – I believe the recorded rainfall for this month is something close to 15 mm – surely not enough to keep our polar fleeces drenched. Ah well – not to worry, Summer time will surely bring more sea sand and soggy cozzies so best not start complaining now.

I hope that I’ve said something to warrant a reply from a true local even though I haven’t complained about a tree being chopped down or ranted about people not picking up their dogs poop, I look forward to an invitation for sun downers on some of the beautiful balconies around town.

Fond Regards

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