A View From My Point

A day that everybody wishes their life away for

doesn’t matter who you are, on Friday, there’s always something in store

on this last day of work and slog

there’s something about this day that leaves one panting like a dog

for those Forty Eight Hours that make up a weekend

it’s no wonder half the race is around the bend

it’s silliness really to keep creeping closer

to a time when one can drink Breakfast Mimosa

Imagine we could wake up every day as if it was our last

one before the weekend whizzes past

Savour each little drop of time that falls into our laps

why can’t all of us be ‘Jolly Old Chaps’?

It’s just another day that pushes us closer to the grave

take that and stop and appreciate what you can’t save

Friday, is the END of a week

the END of opportunities to speak

your mind and listen to your heart

because once this lifeline is snapped, we might not get another start.

ok now don’t be bummed out

just adjust your life goggles and drop the pout

it’s not like the weekdays are going to change

but maybe you could shift and rearrange

an attitude to the fleetingness, the way time slips like oil

that makes up our shuffle on this mortal coil

and instead of  only waking up filled with joy that it’s Friday

make a concerted  effort to do it Every Day.


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