A View From My Point

Seeing The Sea

‘Can we go and see the sea Mom?’ every morning – from the Kiddy Car Seat Choir.

Some mornings, just before school, if it’s 07h13 then we do but if it’s 07h18 it’s too late. All we do is look at it during term time. Just look. See it. We can smell it too because I open the window to take the photo. But then we make a U turn in the parking lot and we free wheel down the hill to school. On our way we discuss the tides and how the moon effects them (no wonder I’m fielding Event Horizon questions from the Eldest (6)), what they’ve shaped the Lagoon as today – a sickle moon, the last time we saw it. And the time before that – a penguin in profile.

We come away from this little detour more refreshed, cleaner than any early morning shower and teeth brushing could leave us. It’s just a moment to stop and take it in. Sage advice through the ages; to stop and smell the proverbial roses  – and how many of us actually follow this little gem of ancient wisdom, with our noses to the grindstone as we chip away at the rock face – not enough of us, I’ll tell you that for free.

It’s a mysterious thing, this Mouth, not always left to open and close by itself it gets a big helping hand from some earth moving equipment to prevent the floods on this little settlement between the dunes. They keep this event on the down low – not because it’s illegal but because if The Town finds out then they close up their shops for the day and come on down to watch it happening.

It’s a small town. It’s difficult to keep secrets. When the shops are not only closed over lunch (ok the restaurants stay open but they’re not open the rest of the time – don’t try and get a take away at 11 am) – then you know, they’re opening The Mouth. No one capitalizes on this event – I would be expecting at least a lone ice cream seller on his bicycle but the hill is a killer, it’s understandable that the merchandise wouldn’t get there in time. But nope – just like we do every morning (if it’s not 07h18) everyone just comes to See the Sea.

So the Towns economics are not super hot and they don’t really keep their finger on the pulse when it comes to massive monetary achievements. Do they have to? I don’t think so – we have something better here. We’re climbing trees, not corporate ladders.


Comments on: "Seeing The Sea" (6)

  1. Yeah! That’s all I can say. Oh, and well done!

    • Thanks ericanexpress! I can’t wait to be able to afford an editor – what a horrible thing to have to rehash some ramblings. At this rate, based on a steady upward graph of stats (for which I did not give a rats ass about 2 weeks ago) I should be able to pay you a minimum wage by the time I’m 50.

  2. Chandre said:

    Always loved the sea, always will- very thankful that we can share the beauty of it.

  3. Andri said:

    I love the sea and I love this little town!! 🙂
    Would stay here forever if I could!!

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