A View From My Point

tomorrow I’m going to lay in late

just because I won’t have to wait

for your you to brush your own teeth and hair

we think you should do it – after 6 years, well that’s only fair

So while you two watch a DVD

I’m going to pull on my  bright blue cozzie

and yank yours off the railing, shake out the towels

and hop on our bikes and hope we don’t hit any guinea fowls

reeking of sun block and salt water

we’ll come home once the Sun is passed a quarter

sink to the trampoline and munch on white grapes

for the kids; in bunches – they eat them like apes

squashed and fermented for me

in a long stemmed glass, with bubbles preferably

ice cold at the end of day a of Summer

living in the Northern Hemisphere now, must be a bummer

*this poem, of course is written out of jealousy

we’d much rather have berries and holly

some egg nog

around a smouldering yule log

with snow gently falling beyond the window pane

ever increasing so that you might have to go and shovel it – again.


Comments on: "A Silly Poem for Summer in The Southern Hemisphere" (4)

  1. Love this!!

  2. You forgot the watermelons! No-one in the Northern Hemisphere can celebrate the silly season with a braai on the lawn and watermelon for pudding in the pool! Followed of course by “washing” each other’s faces with the watermelon left-over bits… White Christmas? Pffft.:-)

    • I have scars, physical and emotional from the watermelon business – and this Christmas we’re going to revisit it with the Tribal Gathering in the Karoo! Wish me luck 😀

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