A View From My Point

and so today they closed at 10

why bother to even go in?

At the school it’s all quiet

I don’t know why – I was expecting a stampeding riot

the Eldest, is running around screaching, up a tree

the Youngest escapes from his space at my knee

‘cool, ‘cool, ‘cool’ –  he chants

His sister is doing a victory dance

she can’t wait to  go to Grade One

I hope it lasts, this sense of Fun

We snap a pic of her and Teach

they’ve packed up all the toys and books out of reach

And now we’re at home

I’ve read them each a tome

Now what? A month of this?

Someone must be taking the piss!

Although maybe it’s not all bad

there is one thing that is making me glad

I get to influence them like I want

teach them what is important

deal with the difficult questions and encourage more

show them how to use a card when we go to the store

fill in the gaps that the school doesn’t get to

that’s a plan for a month – and then Shoo, shoo, shoo

I’m done for in January and will need a break of my own

but wait that’s not possible, this Mommy job has a contract of stone.


Comments on: "A Silly Poem for the Day That Schools Close" (12)

  1. Chandre said:

    Can’t wait until next week!!! Wooohooo Beach!!! U didn’t mention that in your poem!

    • Hey, there are people living in grey, wet, cold places – we don’t want them to be all jealous and hating of our awesome Beach Life!

      • Chandre said:

        This might be true! But they will have many things we’ll be jealous of! I know u can be subtle at bragging 😉

      • one thing I do miss about the Northern Hemisphere living is buying Haagen Daz any time of the day or night….

  2. Want to press the like buton but it’s not there! So, just wanted to say LIKE and totally agree! x

  3. Anonymous said:

    haha! cute peom!! Also wanna go to the beach

  4. Anonymous said:

    I also want to go to the beach, but I do not want to take a child to Grade 1!

    • Step One – don’t have any babies – inevitably they’ll need to go to pre-school and then Grade One. or Step Two – have babies and raise them to be Home Schooled, can I suggest having more than one? That way your investment in school stuff is more worth while :-D. Go to the beach, spoil yourself 😉

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