A View From My Point

Oh Tiger Mom who walks to school

I don’t think that not using a car is a rule

I’ve seen her drive one, but it’s obviously not for use

as she walks her children wearing chartreuse

In Wind, Rain, Sun and Snow

I’ve seen her turn and wave to go

as the little ones stand at the fence

staring after her, it’s intense.

I’ve heard they’ve never missed a day

I don’t know if they ever play

but their attendance at ballet and karate is legend

everyone whispers about them, with no end

Apparently she’s doing it all alone

I bet she makes a mean scone

Awesome Tiger Mom, thanks for the wave

I hope we can have a chat some day, it’s something that I crave,

Just to see where we agree

Over a cup of rooibos tea

I’ll have to tell you that I let my kids bunk

and I hope that one day they’ll get drunk

Maybe they won’t achieve all your kids will

but I’m not going to going to count my chickens until

We’ve sat down and had a talk

For now I’ll just try and greet you on your walk.


Comments on: "A Silly Poem For Tiger Mom" (8)

  1. Keep us posted…x

  2. Chandre said:

    So glad I’m not the only one who likes to think long and hard about the behaviour of others! Lol

  3. Anonymous said:

    You make me think how we judge people so easy and we do not know them!

    • Yes, isn’t it interesting how people don’t want to get known and so with our own brains we have to make up their ‘back stories’. There are so many boxes in the world that we can categorize each other into. It’s difficult not to do.

  4. Love your poems! I hope you get to that cup of tea just so I can read all about it!

    • Thank you – haven’t seen her since Monday – I think she’s taking a different route…. Hope to bump into her at karate tomorrow, maybe strike up a conversation, ask her where she’s been – if we don’t bunk…

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