A View From My Point

It’s dark, there’s a rustle and a creak

I hear it and it starts to speak

‘Mommy, Mommy?, Mommy no sleep’

and then the little footsteps closer creep

It is so early the birds are still sleeping

Woken by two tiny people who don’t believe in keeping

a later clock to be awake

never mind a worm, I  want to catch a snake!

It’s not good to wake up in a rage

I calm my breathing and play The Sage

So down the stairs for tea and snacks

might as well organise the backpacks

Rinse the bath out from the night before

and run a new one, wish there was time to watch it pour

out of the tap

but you’ve made a crap

Now half dressed with half my mouth brushed

Everything is becoming a little rushed

I don’t get it – we were up before dawn,

What happens to Time once you have Spawn?

In the car, with hair in a bun

there’s no time to Style for Fun

You wanted to go to the loo? Why did you wait?

Sorry for you, that’s the school bell – and you’re late.


Comments on: "A Silly Poem for The Weekday Morning" (3)

  1. Ah, the pitter patter of tiny feet… One day – they say – we’ll miss those days.

  2. Your post makes an excellent affect my own determination. Thanks!

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